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First Hand Holding provides the termination of a limited liability partnership from Rs.14299/-
LLP Winding Up

A winding-up of an LLP can be launched willingly or by striking off or by a Tribunal. If an LLP is to willingly initiate winding up, then the LLP must pass a resolution to wind up the LLP with the consent of at least three-fourths of the complete amount of partners. When the LLP has lenders, secured or unsecured, then lenders' approval would also be required to wind up the LLP.

  • Voluntary Winding Up
  • Striking Off
  • Winding Up by Tribunal
How we help with Winding Up?

First Hand Holding can assist you to wind up an LLP in about 3 to 6 months.

  • - Document Preparation

    A business expert reviews the LLP's activities and determines the documents required to start winding up the LLP. The assessment process would be completed in 2-3 working days.

  • - Document Submission

    An expert prepares the required records to wind up the LLP. Documents will be prepared by the expert on the basis of the papers and data given in 10-15 working days.

  • - Winding Up Process

    LLP winding-up records and requests are submitted to start the process. The request is monitored throughout the process and required filings are made to wind up the LLP's affairs.

Pay as your grow


all inclusive fees


Our Basic Package can be used to wind up an LLP having 2 Partners with no activity since incorporation.


all inclusive fees


Our Standard Package can be used to wind up an LLP having upto 4 Partners and having no creditors.


all inclusive fees


Our Premium Package can be used to wind up an LLP having upto 4 Partners and one secured creditor.