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First Hand Holding offers an easy process for changing company or LLP name from Rs.14299/-
Company Name Change

The promoters can change the name of a business or LLP at any time after incorporation. Some of the key factors for changing the name of the company are business model change, change of promoters, rebranding, etc. To alter the name of a company, prior consent of shareholders is needed along with permission from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Get a free business or LLP name change consultation by scheduling an appointment with a FirstHandHolding Advisor.

How we help with a company name change?

First Hand Handling can assist your business file ESI return and make ESI payments on time.

  • - Advisory

    A Business Expert will review the company's current and suggested a name and the Articles of Association know the company's context before starting the process. The evaluation would take 1 to 3 working days.

  • - Board Resolutions

    Once you get an idea of the processes engaged in altering company name, our experts will draft the required board resolutions for the procedure.

  • - Filing

    When the Board Resolutions are passed, our experts will prepare and submit to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs the necessary documents.

Pay as your grow


All-inclusive charges


Name change for a private limited company, along with name approval fee and GST.


All-inclusive charges


Name change for a Limited company, inclusive of name approval fee and GST.


All-inclusive charges


Name change for a section 8 company, including of name approval fee and GST.