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Appointment of Director

Director of a company is a person elected by the shareholders for managing the affairs of the company as per the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company. Since a company is an artificial judicial person created by law, it can only act through the agency of natural persons. Thus, only living persons can be Directors of a company and the management of a company is entrusted to the Board of Directors. Appointment of Directors can be required for a company from time to time based on the requirements of the shareholders of the business.

To appoint a director, the person proposing to become a Director must obtain a digital signature certificate (DSC) and director identification number (DIN). DIN can be obtained for any person who is above the age of 18. The nationality or residency status of the DIN applicant does not matters. Hence, Indian Nationals, Non-Resident Indians and Foreign Nationals can obtain DIN and be appointed as Director of a company in India.

How we help with the appointment of director?

First Hand Handling can assist you to change the business name.

  • - Advisory

    The method for adding a director to the Board of a company would rely on the current board of directors. Our experts will advise you on the procedure that is applicable to you.

  • - Board Resolutions

    Once you get an idea of the processes engaged in appointing a director to your company, our experts will draft the required resolutions for the procedure.

  • - Filing

    After the Board Resolutions are adopted, our specialists will prepare and submit the required records with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to register the addition of the new director.

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PF registration for businesses having more than 40 employees.


all inclusive fees


Add a DSC Director to the Board of Directors. Fee including one DIN application.


all inclusive fees


Add a Director to the Board of Directors. Fee including one DSC and one DIN.