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Company registration in the USA

Find out how to register your company in the USA, the most popular way of starting a business in India. Get to know the private limited company registration procedure. A non-resident has to follow all the steps as a resident to set up a new US business entity, with some additional steps. Failure to comply, leads to penalties, fines or even worse than that.

Start your business in US with First Hand Holding

Fast, simple, and affordable way to incorporate your company as a non-resident of the USA.

  • - Information for paperwork

    Focussed questionnaire to set your business right

  • - Quality check and filing

    Reviews of all filing before it is submitted to the state.

  • - Electronic Delivery

    Immediate electronic notifications of official state documents.

  • - Support and guidance

    Dedicated live support and continuous update.


Delaware is a tax haven and does not collect taxes from companies that do not operate within that state.

Extremely business-friendly laws.

There is no necessity for publicly disclosing the names of directors and shareholders of the company.

The business incorporation process is extremely fast in Delaware.


Name Check & Approval.

Preparation & Filing of Article of Association.

Registered agent service (One year).

Issuance of Certificate of Association.

Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Documents Required
Company Name & Business Type
Registered business address.
Name & Addresses of business partner(s).
Ownership: (%)
Pay as your grow


all inclusive fees


  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent


all inclusive fees


  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent
  • EIN Number


all inclusive fees


  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent
  • EIN Number
  • 1 Year Mail Handling
FAQs on USA Company Registration
How many persons are required to open a US LLC or Corporation?
Just one person is sufficient to incorporate a US LLC or Corporation.
Will I need to travel to the USA for incorporation?
No, you need not travel to the USA for incorporation. It can be completed without leaving India.
Will I need a passport of visa to incorporate a US LLC or Corporation?
No, any foreign national can incorporate a US LLC or Corporation without having a passport or US visa.
Will First Hand Holding help me with opening a US bank account?
We can help and assure only incorporation of a LLC or C-Corporation. With the incorporation documents and EIN number, the business owner can walk-in to any Bank branch to open a business account. However, physical presence of the business owner is mandatorily required in the US for bank account opening. Hence, we cannot help with the opening of a US bank account beyond the stage of incorporation.
What is EIN Number?
Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS. EIN is required for opening a US bank account, hiring employees and filing various business tax returns.